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dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Black Wind by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

The fatigue will kill you...

At the end of World War II the Japanese army was prepared to embrace some desperate measures. By creating a revolutionary new strain of a deadly virus they hope to turn the stakes on that dreadful war. Blah, blah. They have one small problem: how to get that evil concoction distributed on American soil? Ah, here is the solution: lets launch it from a submarine. No that won’t work. Maybe we can drop it from an aeroplane that takes off from a submarine? Cool idea, let’s do that. Of course, in the end things turned out a little bit different, because as far as we know there was never a viral attack from our Japanese friends. Really? But jeez, what happened to that deadly virus?

Dark Wind is the first project where father and son Cussler work together. Yeah, this is bound to be a great idea, not? Well, this book is like all the other Cussler-thrillers not really ashamed to be a bit formulaic and naive. So, that is certainly no reason to dislike Dark Wind. For starters, you won't expect to get a John Le Carré-novel when you get a hold of some Cussler-adventure. And secondly, who cares... as long as you get some enjoyment out of it. It's supposed to be just entertainment. Not? Well, that is exactly what is wrong with this novel: it's boring, predictable, stupid, far-fetched, childish... do I need to continue? It reads like it was been written by a 12-old boy. I was under the impression that the son of Clive Cussler was a few years older, but I can be mistaken. I am so annoyed by this dreadful waste of paper that I cannot be bothered to get the right arguments...

Do yourself a favour and throw this book away… far away (as long as you recycle it, this stays cool).

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