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maandag 14 juni 2010

Wings by Terry Pratchett

Wings brings the Bromeliad trilogy to a higher level

The task at hand for Masklin is very clear: find the Ship that will get the nomes away from Earth. But it should have been explained with a bit more detail. For starters: where is that Ship located? The Thing says that it is hidden somewhere in space, but that completely ignores that space turns out to be bigger than everything. At least Masklin has found out that there is a way to get into space. It’s to be found in Florida. Now it is only a matter of getting in that big white bird, with the strange name of Concorde. At least that is the start of a plan.

With Wings Terry Pratchett concludes his Bromeliad Trilogy. This book tells the story of Masklin’s quest for The Ship and plays in parallel to the second book Diggers. The story really gets going now. The action is hilarious and the contact with the Humans gives the book an added edge. Not only is this episode funnier that the previous two, but it also has an extra layer of depth. The analogy with the Bromeliad frogs becomes clear and shows us a nice piece of moral fairytale.

Wings clearly brings the trilogy to a higher lever and you can take that literally.

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