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donderdag 4 maart 2010

Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler

Where plotting went overboard

Dirk Pitt, the until the previous novel Valhalla Rising unknown son of Dirk Pitt, is diving together with his sister Summer Pitt to find the source of a brownish contamination in the ocean's waters, when they stumble upon a strange historical artefact. At the same moment the father is trying to rescue a gigantic maritime hotel from total devastation due to a enormous hurricane. Little do they know that this is only the beginning of revealing a plot so devious that the whole world will suffer from its consequences?

To say that the Trojan Odyssey has an unbelievable plot is like stating that water is wet. If this book was a parody on some of the most crazy James Bond stories, then it would indeed be an excellent book. But, unfortunately it is not. Although the story arc about Homer's Odyssey is very entertaining and quite informative, the main storyline can only be catalogued as completely absurd. If only ten percent would be true, it would mean that the whole world has gone mad. It can always be that this preposterous plotting is to the liking of the fans, but only a hint of realism would be nice to keep the interest of the average reader.

Unless you really want to know how silly things can get, skip this book and pick up one of Clive Cussler’s earlier works.

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