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vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler

Action-adventure rules…

When Dirk Pitt, aboard the NUMA research vessel, notices the large cruise ship Golden Dolphin on the horizon, a dark plume of smoke catches his attention. Due to a strange fire the maiden voyage of this immense pleasure ship was cut short. The ship features a high-tech propulsion system, developed by Dr. Egan, that would change the complete naval industry. When Dirk arrives at the site he manages to rescue many people form drowning, including Kelly Egan, the daughter of the engineer. She carries a leather briefcase with a content that hides more secrets than one could ever imagine.

Although Valhalla Rising means the return of Clive Cussler’s superhero for his 16th adventure, it was the first time I read about this amazing character. Of course, I clearly missed out on some character development found in the previous novels, but I still got a good notion about what kind of super intelligent, deeply honest and charming person this Dirk Pitt really is. No-one will be able to argue that the Valhalla Rising lacks action and momentum. Truly, I believe that if the book would contain one ounce more action, it would spontaneously combust. This action-packed, high-octane drive comprising of a list of narrow escapes hurts the authenticity of the novel quite a lot. The premise that links to Viking warriors and Jules Vernes’ novels becomes a bit too far-fetched. But then again this will likely be absolutely no concern to the action-adventure oriented audience.

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