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maandag 1 juni 2009

Lisey's Story by Stephen King

Not the best of King's bibliography...

Lisey Debusher Landon has lost her husband Scott. He was a famous writer and Lisey lived a quite life in his shadow. Never did she complain when she had to travel along on those numerous literary tours because she always enjoyed the deep love they felt for each other. Two years ago Scott suddenly died and Lisey's life came to a sudden standstill. Now it is finally time to clean out his office and make sure that the unpublished work of her husband is getting in the right hands. But that seems not as easy as it looks. When she gets some threatening calls she realizes that is all becomes too serious. At the same time history catches up with her and it becomes clear that her dearest Scott possessed powers that will make normal people insane.

As a big Stephen King fan this novel was a really tough nut to crack. For starters it is quite a heavy piece of writing. With more than 500 pages it is simply too long. Certainly if you see what is actually occurring in the book. Notwithstanding some quite horrific scenes the main part is a lot of romantic and feely-touchy rambling. On top of that King uses a plethora of silly, non-existing and most of the time meaningless words, as such that the joy of reading quickly disappears completely. For the romantic souls it all might be interesting and enjoyable, but then again the horrific stuff might not be their cup of tea. Whereas for a horror fan it will certainly turn out to be a bit too lame. I can believe that King intended this novel as a tribute to all writers and their symbolic lake of inspiration, but for me it never reached the impact that On Writing, his non-fiction tribute to the art of writing, has brought over me.

It really hurts me to say this, but Lisey's Story will not be a book that I will reread very soon.

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